Maddie Boden on the 2014 campaign

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Maddie Boden, University of York Students’ Union‘s LGBTQ Officer, provided a few thoughts on this year’s campaign and the contribution of YUSU LGBTQ Network.

This year was one of the first that the YUSU LGBTQ Network worked with other groups to deliver a range of events for LGBT History Month and its success is a testament to the dedication of all the LGBT groups across York. The University of York campus was the venue for several interesting events including a lecture from the Sociology department’s Dr Paul Johnson who spoke about law and religion’s effect on the LGBT community in the UK. This was one of the best attended events of the whole month and it was a real delight to see so many people wanting to engage in contemporary LGBT issues, as well as honour our history.

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Ynda is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London researching queer and genderqueer speech. They established York LGBT History Month in 2014 while working at York St John University. They then developed it into an independent organisation, and served as Lead Coordinator from 2014 to 2016, which included overseeing its registration as a charity. They now remain vaguely involved from a distance. During their seven years in York, Ynda also studied at both of York’s universities and served periods as secretary of York Pride and York LGBT Forum. They also founded Non-binary London and are involved in Bar Woetever and Everyday Cissexism. They write about queer matters on their website.

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