Below is the programme from the 2015 campaign. A further five events were added after this was published. For a comprehensive record, plus other archival material (on the launch night and the overall campaign), see the article For the archives: York LGBT History Month 2015.


Below is the programme from the 2014 campaign (click/tap to view), and to the right are a few quotes from representatives of some of the organisations involved.

  • Maddie Boden

    Maddie Boden

    (Former) LGBTQ Officer
    University of York Students’ Union

    “LGBT History Month’s success is a testament to the dedication of all the LGBT groups across York. It was a real delight to see so many people wanting to engage in contemporary LGBT issues, as well as honour our history.”
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  • Marije Davidson

    Marije Davidson

    Equality and Diversity Adviser
    York St John University

    “LGBT History Month gives LGBT people a voice and visibility in our history. It was fantastic to have employers, universities, organisations and LGBT groups from across the city put up a great programme of events.”

  • Matt Harper

    Matt Harper

    (Former) Diversity Campaigns Officer
    Joseph Rowntree Foundation

    “LGBT History Month 2014 demonstrated the resounding commitment that organisations, groups and individuals have to the inclusion and equality of the LGBT community.”
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  • Sophie McGill

    Sophie McGill

    Communications and Community Director
    York City Football Club

    “We received a great response both locally and nationally to the Club’s support for York Pride and the Football v Homophobia campaign as part of LGBT History Month in 2014.”
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  • Sue Lister

    Sue Lister

    Artistic Director
    Real People Theatre

    “At last we have set the ball rolling in York for a diverse, lively and informative York LGBT History Month. The more we talk about these issues, the better.”
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  • Margaret Milburn

    Margaret Milburn

    Equality and Diversity Facilitator
    York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    “Working with other employers and organisations enables the sharing of ideas, resources and an increased awareness of LGBT issues. Our understanding is enhanced through collaboration.”
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  • David Sanin

    Dr David Sanin

    (Former) LGBT Representative
    York Graduate Students’ Association

    “This year’s LGBT History Month provided an opportunity not only for the city of York to celebrate and commemorate the efforts of the LGBT community to overcome inequality and discrimination, but also it became a platform for closer ties to be forged between the different LGBT groups in the city.”
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  • Greg Stephenson

    Greg Stephenson

    Chair and Web and Design Officer
    York Pride

    “It was great to see York have such a diverse range of events for LGBT History Month in 2014 – even better the collaborative approach.”
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