York LGBT History Month is run on donations and sponsorship


Can you help make this year's programme happen by sponsoring us or making a donation?

Since 2014, York LGBT History Month have coordinated a packed programme of events each February. Our aim is to increase the visibility of LGBT people in history (LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bi and trans, but we take it to mean any non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgender identity). We want to raise awareness of the continued existence, contribution and diversity of LGBT people, reclaiming our past and working towards a better future. This year, we're working hard to put together a programme that's bigger and better than ever. But money is tight, and we need your help!

Our events are fun, social occasions for York's community to get together while celebrating LGBT history and learning untold stories. But we believe there's more to it than that. Raising awareness of LGBT history helps to foster acceptance in the present, and reminds LGBT people - however isolated they might feel - that they are part of a community across time, and they're not alone.

We offer publicity opportunities and perks for sponsors.