2020 programme

This year we were very excited to bring our 2020 programme to York, packed with fabulous events! A huge thank you to all our event organisers, donors and supporters who made this possible.

The dedicated events page provides new and updated listings.

Accessibility note: click anywhere on the programme to zoom in. Click and drag to move around when zoomed in. You can download a PDF copy using the menu on the left. A web version of the listings is available on our dedicated events page (just scroll down a little), with which you should be able to use text-to-speech software and zoom in and out with standard web browser controls.

Also be sure to check out the programmes for the 2014-2019 campaigns. For events going on outside of LGBT History Month, visit and subscribe to our blog!

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Your feedback helps us understand what worked well in the 2020 programme of events, as well as what could be done better for future years. With this information we can shape our future work to meet the priorities of the community.

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Supporters for 2019


Support us

Can you help make this year’s programme happen by sponsoring us or making a donation?

Since 2014, York LGBT History Month have coordinated a packed programme of events each February. Our aim is to increase the visibility of LGBT people in history (LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bi and trans, but we take it to mean any non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgender identity). We want to raise awareness of the continued existence, contribution and diversity of LGBT people, reclaiming our past and working towards a better future. This year, we’re working hard to put together a programme that’s bigger and better than ever. But money is tight, and we need your help!

Our events are fun, social occasions for York’s community to get together while celebrating LGBT history and learning untold stories. But we believe there’s more to it than that. Raising awareness of LGBT history helps to foster acceptance in the present, and reminds LGBT people – however isolated they might feel – that they are part of a community across time, and they’re not alone.

We offer publicity opportunities and perks for sponsors – please see our information sheet for sponsors here. Individuals and organisations can also make a one-off donation using the button below.


School outreach

How is your school planning to celebrate LGBT History Month?
Do you currently include LGBT history in your curriculum?
How can we help?

Marking LGBT History Month can help your school to celebrate diversity, prevent homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, and combat the sense of isolation often experienced by young people who identify as LGBT. York LGBT History Month can support you to develop plans to celebrate LGBT History Month, provide speakers for assemblies or lessons, and create resources tailored to your needs.

For all enquiries, please contact Sarah Conroy (Lead Coordinator) on



LGBT heroes posters

This set of posters provides the perfect way to make LGBT history visible in every area of the curriculum. Each poster features an inspiring historical figure for every subject area, with details of their achievements and a mention of where they fit on the LGBT spectrum. An example is opposite (above on mobile browsers). High-resolution PDFs can be downloaded from the national LGBT History Month website. Look out for print copies available to buy soon!

LGBT History Month wallchart

Produced by the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality in Further and Higher Education and a group of trade unions in association with the national LGBT History Month team, this wallchart highlights legal and social milestones in the UK’s LGBT history. It can be downloaded for free from the national LGBT History Month website.

The Classroom

Produced by the charity Schools OUT UK, the team behind LGBT History Month, this site provides lesson plans categorised by key stage and subject to help you include LGBT people in all aspects of the curriculum.

Educate and Celebrate

Ofsted-recognised teacher training and resource programme that gives staff, students, parents and governors the confidence and strategies to implement an LGBT+-inclusive curriculum.

York LGBT Forum Youth LGBT Resources

A Pinterest site collecting LGBT resources for professionals working with young people, produced by York LGBT Forum.

Our list of resources is growing. If there’s something you’d like to see here, please email to discuss how we can create it for you!

Current projects


OutWord Bound
Age 11-16? Love writing? Then why not enter OutWord Bound, the young people’s writing competition run jointly between York LGBT Forum and York LGBT History Month?

For more information see the Forum’s OutWord Bound webpage or email

Volunteering opportunities

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with resource creation. Working to a particular school’s brief or using your own creative skills, you will plan and develop teaching resources including (but not limited to) posters, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, assembly talks and interactive sessions. Work can be carried out from home and printing expenses are provided. If you are interested, please contact Emily Roach on

Get involved


We currently have several opportunities available to be part of the York LGBT History Month committee. You’d be working with our enthusiastic team to pull together a fantastic programme of events for February, helping to celebrate LGBT history and improve the lives of LGBT people in York and the surrounding area. At the moment we’re looking for:

  • 2 x Co-lead Coordinators (overall coordination of the charity’s committee and actvities);
  • Fundraising Coordinator (exploring potential funding from organisations and the community);
  • Website Coordinator (managing our website including its overall structure, design and content);

If you think you’d like to fill one of these posts, or for more information, please contact either of our Acting Co-lead Coordinators, Jake ( or Lisa (


There are lots of ways you can help out by volunteering with York LGBT History Month. Whether you’d like to gain experience in working with young people, in event planning and coordination, or in marketing, we’d love to have you on board. We have the following volunteering opportunities:

  • School outreach work: see our School Outreach section for details
  • Help at an event: chair a talk or discussion; help us set up and clear away; check tickets on the door
  • Copywriting and publicity: help us publicise our programme on events websites; write blog posts; design leaflets or infographics

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or if you’d like to help us in another way, please contact us!

Programme and events

Our call for submissions to our printed programme has now closed, but we are still able to add events to our web listings . If your organisation is planning anything to celebrate LGBT History Month in 2020, please get in touch!


York LGBT History Month is a registered charity that serves to increase public awareness of the place of LGBT people in history. (Side note: LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bi and trans, but we take it to include all non-normative/marginalised gender, romantic and sexual identities and intersex.)

We bring to light stories that might traditionally have been ignored, working to develop inclusivity, challenge stereotypes and promote understanding. Our programme of events provides a wide variety of ways for the public to learn about these stories, and our school outreach serves to promote the benefits of inclusion at a key stage in children’s social development.

Our constitution, linked below, sets our the aims (or “objects”) of the charity. These include:

  • increasing public awareness of LGBT identities and the accessibility of narratives that showcase them;
  • broadening public understanding of the complex nature of gender, sex, and romantic and sexual orientation;
  • countering normative assumptions with regard to gender, sex, and romantic and sexual orientation;
  • celebrating the individual and collective historical achievements of LGBT people.

We achieve these aims through such work as:

  • the coordination of a diverse and broad programme of collaboratively-organised events during LGBT History Month (February);
  • the promotion of local LGBT history events outside of LGBT History Month;
  • ongoing engagement with and support of LGBT History Month initiatives in schools.
Download constitution

What is LGBT History Month?

LGBT History Month highlights the past struggles and achievements of LGBT people, with the aim of promoting and advancing equality and diversity. In the UK, it takes place every February.

York LGBT History Month is a completely independent organisation. The national LGBT History Month campaign is run by Schools OUT UK. You can find out more, sign up for updates and buy official badges and keyrings on the national LGBT History Month website.

Learn more

Our team

Jake Furby (they)
Acting Co-lead Coordinator

Jake is the Health and Wellbeing Officer for and a founding trustee of York LGBT Forum. They’re passionate about history – especially local LGBTIQA+ history – and look forward to expanding work in this area further.

Lisa Kelly (she)
Acting Co-lead Coordinator

Lisa works full time in retail and transitioned to female whilst at work. She is Co-chair of York LGBT Forum and is very passionate about LGBT rights and the history behind the path to equality. Lisa speaks in public raising awareness of LGBT issues and on subjects from diversity, equality and stereotypes to role models and is hoping to have her biography published in late 2017.

Ellie Terry (she)
Secretary and Social Media Coordinator

Ellie is a postgraduate teacher and PhD candidate at the Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York. Her thesis is called ‘Sexy girls: investigating hypersexualisation and raunch culture’ and she is particularly interested in the views and experiences of women and non-binary folk in relation to how our bodies are represented in mainstream culture. Other academic interests include modern and social history, political theory, pedagogic practice, autoethnography, media/cultural studies and mental health in the academy. Outside of academia Ellie is involved in local political activism and is a founding member of York Feminist Collective – a new, inclusive feminist activist space for York. Her other interests include crafting, science fiction and general geekiness and her dog Lola. She also blogs.

Colin McNichol (he)

Colin is a self-employed electrician working in property maintenance. He has been actively involved in York’s best-known LGBT organisations since 2012 and joined the York LGBT History Month team in 2015. He has previously served as Events Officer for York Pride, coordinating regular club nights to raise funds, and currently manages the charity’s finances as Treasurer (he’s York’s LGBT treasurer!). Colin is also a member of York LGBT Forum.

Salina Cuddy (she)
Programme Coordinator

Salina is a postgraduate student at the University of York, studying for a PhD in linguistics. Her research focuses primarily on the relationship between language, gender and sexuality. She seeks to include groups of speakers that are underrepresented in the field of linguistics, such as gay women. Salina is passionate about diversity in education and hopes to inspire her students to embrace other viewpoints in their own studies.

Peter Hodgson
Publicity Coordinator

Peter was born and raised in North Yorkshire, then moved to London at 18 to to attend City University and pursue a career in event management. He has worked for some of the biggest names in London’s event industry, planning and managing royal and government events, experimental pop-ups, high-profile corporate parties, fashion and luxury brand launches, press days, charity galas, award shows, private fine dining, weddings and other family and social occasions. He was also a volunteer for London Friend and Amnesty International. Having returned to York in 2017, Peter is now a freelance event and hospitality manager and runs a guesthouse in the city. He is also an equality and human rights warrior and enjoys working with like-minded people to create and develop exciting and innovative concepts.

Ynda Jas (they)
Assistant Coordinator/Founder

Ynda is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London researching queer and genderqueer speech. They established York LGBT History Month in 2014 while working at York St John University. They then developed it into an independent organisation, and served as Lead Coordinator from 2014 to 2016, which included overseeing its registration as a charity. They now remain vaguely involved from a distance. During their seven years in York, Ynda also studied at both of York’s universities and served periods as secretary of York Pride and York LGBT Forum. They also founded Non-binary London and are involved in Bar Woetever and Everyday Cissexism. They write about queer matters on their website.

Email Ynda


Our blog features news and updates on upcoming events and opportunities, including relating to our programme in February, our ongoing school outreach work and occasional events falling outside of LGBT History Month.

The latest two posts are linked below; visit the blog for more!


If you have any queries or if you want to get involved in the 2020 campaign, either as an event organiser or with the campaign itself, please get in contact using the form below or the details provided in the ‘Our team’ section.

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