York LGBT History Month 2016: “Evaluating the Aquinian Natural Law paradigm for the Catholic Church’s disapproval of same sex relationships” with Joseph Mishra at York St John University

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Despite being in the second half of the annual LGBT History month, events in York show no sign of slowing down. From the city’s universities, York and York St John, to the central library, a wide array of institutions have joined forces to present events which promote public awareness of the LGBT community and their place in history. On Saturday … Read More

For the archives: York LGBT History Month 2015

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As we start looking forward to York LGBT History Month 2016, it’s time to archive and immortalise this year’s campaign. Below you’ll find photos from the launch night, my opening speech, the programme and all the updates and additions. We’ll hopefully publish memory-inducing artefacts from other events in due course! But first, some preamble! So, last year at York St … Read More

AJ McKenna on Tamikka Brents and the power of poetry

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AJ McKenna is a multi-slam winning poet and the Deputy Editor of So So Gay, “the most popular and fastest-growing online LGBT lifestyle magazine in the UK”. She will be performing at a poetry/spoken word event as part of York LGBT History Month 2015. In this guest post, she speaks about the power of poetry (over journalism) in the context … Read More

Article: ‘”Ping! Gay people!” – or, why we need more LGBT history in schools’

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Assistant Coordinator Kit Heyam recently published “Ping! Gay people!” – or, why we need more LGBT history in schools on their blog ‘unbeseeming words’. The article emphasises the importance of LGBT History Month in schools, and, beyond that, the inclusion of LGBT narratives (or LGBT voices in narratives already covered) in the teaching of history more widely. If you are … Read More