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On Sunday 7 September, City Screen will be showing Pride. For more information, see the synopsis below or visit the City Screen event page.

It’s 1984 and the miners’ strike is causing great hardship, especially in one remote Welsh pit village. Despite some misgivings, a group of young gay activists led by bolshy Mark Ashton (Ben Schnetzer) decide to raise money for the community, but when they travel down to deliver the funds they’re unprepared for the homophobia that greets them.

However, it transpires that a taciturn village elder (Nighy, with an immaculate Welsh brogue) has long been in the closet, and the strikers’ wives, headed by Imelda Staunton’s no-nonsense Helfina, are both grateful and curious. In only his second film, noted theatre director Matthew Warchus (Matilda the Musical) expertly finesses knowing humour, indignation and sexual politics, while the performances are uniformly pitch-perfect.

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